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How to get from A to B – the idea behind Gettingthere.site is very straightforward.

After traveling many countries in the world, I have started publishing tips on how to get from one place to another. For each route I compare different means of transportation (flight, bus, train, ferry, rental car).

I hope this is valuable information for other fellow travellers 🙂

Best information for getting to many destinations

Information for traveling to many destinations in the world

All information is based on personal experience

The best options for getting there on a budget

That is how you reach your destination in the fastest possible way

Comparison of different means of transporation (flight, bus, train, ferry, rental car)

Flying is fast but not alway cheap

The bus takes you to your destination for small money

Traveling by train often promises scenic views

A roadtrip can be a lot of fun

The five newest routes